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The term wiki refers to a collaborative website where information is contributed and edited by users quickly, on the fly. Wiki content is submitted by users who to contribute to the community. The continual refining of information by readers provides checks and balances on content accuracy. Users may edit any unprotected page. The wiki is also managed behind the scenes to ensure entries submitted are appropriate to the audience, and to flag wiki articles that need verification, a process that openly invites other users to provide that verification. Wiki creator, Ward Cunningham, named his collaborative environment the "WikiWikiWeb," derived from the Hawaiian word, "wiki-wiki," meaning quick or fast. Many applications of the wiki environment are found on the web, the most familiar, perhaps, is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia.

The new FamilySearch Wiki aims at becoming the premiere place for genealogy information on the Internet, where readers can go to find articles and information on virtually any genealogy topic, find where and how to do research, and be directed to genealogy resources around the world. A number of other genealogy wikis can be found on the Web, among them the WeRelate, a family tree wiki in partnership with the Allen County Library, and the Genealogy Today Wiki, which provides a variety of genealogy-related content, original source document images, and original source content contributed by users.

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