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A genogram is a chart, similar to a family tree or pedigree chart, that serves to visualize family relationships. A genogram, however, maps out relationships and traits that may otherwise be missed on a pedigree chart such behavioral patterns and hereditary tendencies.

A genogram is created using simple symbols to represent gender, with various lines to illustrate family relationships, with a system of shading, color, and line type to reflect various health conditions, etc. In addition to family health history, genealogists can can use genograms to discover and analyze a number of interesting facts about their family history such a immigration and migration, marriage and divorce, the instance of twins within a family, etc. Sample genograms can found on the Internet, and some companies specialize in software to create genograms. My Family Health Portrait is a free tool on the Internet that allows the user to record his or her family health history and print out a resulting genogram.

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