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Two of the most widely used forms in genealogy are the pedigree chart and family group record (also known as a family group sheet). Where the pedigree chart allows for recording basic information on one's direct line ancestors: parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., the family group record allows for more detailed information on individual families, including parents and children.

The family group record allows researchers to gain a better sense of the family unit, making it easier to identify patterns and discrepancies. Although the style, format, information detail may differ between publishers, In addition to basic birth and death information, most family group records allow for recording the parents for both husband and wife; the marriage date of the husband and wife; as well as the names of any other spouses. Many family group records also allow for naming the spouses of each child, and provide space for notes and/or source information. Family group records are available in printed form, and may be purchased or downloaded and printed for free on the Internet. Family group records can also be viewed and printed using most genealogy software databases.

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