Wilson, Woodrow, 1927, Biographical Sketch

A TEACHER of the science of popular government, it has been given to no man to test his theories on such a wide world scale as to Woodrow Wilson. But popular leadership is an art that is necessary to effect any reforms. That the theories of this former college professor failed of complete acceptance was due not so much to their idealism as to the lack of that personal magnetism on the part of their sponsor, which draws all men. The electric spark was omitted from Wilson's composition. That he himself was deeply conscious of this lack is evidenced by the fact that throughout his administration, he nursed the secret longing to be hailed as "Woody." Whatever place in history, time may assign this unmaker of emperors and kings, it cannot deny that he was the master propagandist in a war of propaganda. To him goes the credit of idealizing the conflict as a war against war-—a duel between democracy and autocracy, rather than a wrestle for power and trade. And to him, also, must be given the credit for carrying the Presidency of the United States to the summit of world influence during his two terms from 1913 to 1921.
1. Brief Biographies of our Presidents and the First Ladies of the Land, 1927, American Weekly, Inc., page 28.

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