Wilmington Friends School, 1926, Historical

It was founded in 1748 and has been in continuous existence ever since. From time to time, it has been enlarged by means of gifts and bequests and its buildings and equipment have been kept up-to-date.

Friends School is a day school for boys and girls, under the management of a Committee of Wilmington Monthly Meeting of Friends.

The School is located on its original site on West Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets in Wilmington.

The School is organized in three departments, the Primary, the Intermediate and the High School, so that a pupil may pass from first-grade work in the Primary Department through each succeeding class to completion of High School work and preparation for College without a disturbing change of school and with the work perfectly articulated.

The scholarship requirements throughout the School are high. The quality of the work must be good and the School is unwilling to promote a pupil from one class to the next unless the pupil not only has made the required scholastic grades, but has developed sufficiently in every way to attack the new problems intelligently and successfully.

The freer activity of the lower Primary classes gradually changes to more settled and disciplined preparation of lessons. In the Intermediate Department an expansion of the scope of the work and an increased amount of home work develop the pupil's ability to think and to concentrate. The High School work is prescribed in the first two years, but in the last two, some freedom of choice is given, subject to the approval of the Class Advisor and the Principal. It is the intention, in any case, to plan a complete course so that the pupil upon graduation has had real intellectual training and has acquired, we believe, an intelligent and cultured outlook.

The Primary Department occupies the first and second floors of the school building at the Fourth Street end. In each class in this Department, H, G, F, and E, the boys and girls occupy the same room. A syllabus of the work of each class appears later in the Catalogue, beginning on page 25, but it may be said here that the Primary Department provides a gradual transition from the freer activity of earlier childhood to settled habits of study in the preparation of lessons. The design of the course is to develop the child's faculties as widely as age permits. The lessons given include Drawing, with work in form and color; Penmanship; Reading; Spelling; Expression orally and in writing; Number Work; Descriptive Geography; and Elementary Science lessons. Instruction in French is begun in this Department by means of games, stories, songs and conversation. Instruction in vocal music is given throughout the Department. An increasing amount of home work is given to begin the formation of habits of study.

1. "Friends School", Friends School Catalogue and Circular, Wilmington, Delaware, 1926, pages 11-12.
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