Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company

On January 21, 1828, the Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company became the first insurance company founded in the state of Vermont.
Records Available
  • 23rd Annual Report
  • 24rd Annual Report
  • 35th Annual Report
  • 42nd Annual Report
  • 44th Annual Report
  • 46th Annual Report
  • 50th Annual Report
  • 51st Annual Report
  • 62nd Annual Report
  • 65th Annual Report
  • 72nd Annual Report
  • 73rd Annual Report

    The annual reports listed above include listings of insurance claims paid during the year, and excellent source for genealogists.

    Today, it's called the Vermont Mutual Group, made up of three unique companies (Vermont Mutual Insurance Company, Northern Security Insurance Company, and Granite Mutual Insurance Company), providing insurance products to clients in all the New England States and in the State of New York.

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