Tyler, Julia Gardiner, 1927, Biographical Sketch

THE FIRST wife of John Tyler having died a yedr after his succession to the Presidency, the widowed Chief Executive married Julia Gardiner, a young girl twenty years his junior. Her father had been the lord of Gardiners Island, near Easthampton, New York, to which he held manorial rights. He met his death as a result of the explosion of a cannon while he and his daughter and others were guests of the President on the U. S. S. Princeton. The body was carried to the White House, followed by his two daughters. In his consolation of Julia, the President also won her love. Of their children, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, lawyer and legislator, became in 1888, President of William and Mary College, at Williamsburg, Va.
1. Brief Biographies of our Presidents and the First Ladies of the Land, 1927, American Weekly, Inc., page 31.

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