Tressler Orphans' Home Historical Outline

Tressler Orphans' Home was founded in 1867.

Trustees from the East, West, and Central Pennsylvania and the Allegheny Synods united in petitioning the Court of Perry Co., for a charter October 31st, 1867.

The following were the Trustees applying for a charter: Rev. P. Sahm and Jacob Crist, Central Pennsylvania Synod; Rev. Jeremiah Frazier and D. K. Ramey, Allegheny Synod; Rev. P. Willard and Henry L. Hummel, East Pennsylvania Synod; Rev. J. H. Menges and J Carver, West Pennsylvania Synod.

The charter was granted January 6th, 1868.

The Tressler Academy at Loysville, Pa., with five acres of land, was bought February 20th, 1868, for the sum of $5,000.00. Twenty-five additional acres were bought from the Tressler farm for $90.00 per acre.

In 1868 Rev. P. Willard was elected Superintendent. He spent a year in visiting the churches in the interest of the Home and collected about $4,000.00.

June 1st, 1869, there were 80 soldier orphans and 18 church orphans in the' Home.

In 1871 or 1872 the frame building which is now a part of the Industrial School was erected for dining room and dormitory.

A two-story brick house for kitchen and bakery was built about 1873 or 1874.

A large and substantial barn was built about 1875.

A large building with basement and three stories, for schools, kitchen, and boys dormitory, was erected in 1884, costing $10,000.00.

The Shaffer House, used later for a hospital, and 13 acres of land were purchased in 1887.

Fire escapes were erected in 1889.

Rev. P. Willard retired from the super-intendency in 1889, having served faithfully more than 21 years.

Major J. G. Bobb was placed in charge temporarily November, 1889, and served until July, 1891.

In 1890 the Home received $21,000.00 back pay from the State for the care of soldier orphans.

1. "Historical Outline", 43 Annual Report of Tressler Orphans' Home, Loysville, Pennsylvania, 1910, Press of Orphans' Industrial School, Pages 30-31.
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