Tom Brown's Symphony Six, 1922, Photograph

Mr. Rollo Amidon, the manager of this Act. is an Elkhart product. His father was a member of the Old Conn Band and is now a director of bands in Chicago.

Image of the Tom Brown's Symphony Six

Mr. Amidon and his sisters form the group of the Symphony Six, assisted by several others. The Act is fully suppHed with Conn gold instruments as the Amidona have always appreciated their superiority.

"Our Conn instruments continue to give us the finest of service and gratification. There can be no doubt as to the fact that they insure a great share of our success. Their tone, tune, brilliancy, artistic appearance and ease of playing make them the best for our work. Cordially, ROLLO AMIDON, Mgr.

1. C. C. Conn Ltd. Musical Truth, Vol. XI, No. 30, Elkhart, Ind., May, 1922, page 18.

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