The University of Dubuque, 1923, History

The University of Dubuque is an American institution for all races. Its origin may be found in the work of Adrian Van Vliet, a Hollander, who was pastor of the German Presbyterian Church, now known as the First Presbyterian Church of Dubuque. In 1852 he undertook in his own home to educate some young Christian immigrants for religious work among their countrymen in the growing West.

For twelve years the founder, with a patience and perseverance seldom seen, struggled along almost unaided. Relief was afforded him in 1864 when the Presbyteries of Dubuque and Dane accepted the responsibility for the work and carried on the institution for six years as a distinctly theological school. As the result of the reunion of the Northern and the Southern wings of the Presbyterian Church in 1870, the school came under the care of the General Assembly, the first Presbyterian College in America under that body. This relation still continues.

Gradually an undergraduate college course was established and the enlarged institution outgrew its home. After the present location had been secured the new Administration Building was erected, and was dedicated in the spring of 1907. The expansion of the young college of 1907, shown in number of new buildings, modern equipment, and greatly enlarged Faculty and student body, has been gradual but steady down to the day of the present University of Dubuque.

During all these years the University has been sending out young men and women, trained in the principles of Christian Americanism and prepared to become leaders in the various fields of activity. The method adopted by the University of Dubuque have proved to afford a successful solution of the problem of Americanization, now the most vital problem in the United States.

To the attainment of this end, the University gives special attention to imparting a thorough knowledge of the Constitution and the achievements of our nation, reverence for the principles of our government, and, for purpose of comparison, an acquaintance with other governments of the world. As all races are welcomc, and as many races are represented here, the University offers a special program of practical assimilation. Students of foreign ancestry meet and recite with those of native birth, work together to develop the spirit of real Americanism. Americanization and Christianization are the twin aims of the University of Dubuque.

1. "History", The University of Dubuque Annual Catalog, 1922-1923, page 11.
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