The Standard Co. Mutual Protective Association, 1914, History


The idea of forming an organization for the mutual relief of the employees of the Standard Co. in times of sickness and disability was first actually taken up in the winter of 1914.

The matter of organization was brought to the attention of the Standard Co. by M. S. Foley and W. S. Dew, and was fully approved of. On February 14 a paper was circulated throughout the factory in order to get the names of these interested, and 424 signatures were obtained.

On March 19 a meeting of the foremen was called to further consider the matter of organizing. A committee, consisting of E. T. Overton, chairman; M. S. Foley, W. S. Dew, L. Hyde and R. A. Cleveland, was appointed to study the existing conditions and to draw up a Constitution and By Laws.

On May 14 a second meeting of the foremen was held, at which the Constitution and By-Laws, as drawn up by the above named committee, were unanimously accepted. A committee, consisting of C. Granger, chairman; H. Iverson, and C. Rowe, was appointed to take charge of the election of officers. On the following day, ballots were distributed throughout the factory and a general election was held. A meeting of the foremen was called that evening, May 15, and the election results accepted, and the Association declared organized.

On May 18 a meeting of the employees was held in the factory yard, and the Constitution and By-Laws were read by Messrs. Overton and Potter, in order that all might have a clear conception of them.

Applications for membership were received, beginning May 22, and the first month was started with a total membership of 377.

1. "Foreword", Constitution and By-Laws of the Mutual Protective Association of The Standard Co., Torrington, Conn., 1914, pages 3 and 4.
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