The Society of American Magicians, 1930, Overview

It was founded in 1902 by a group of New York magicians, who were in the habit of meeting informally on Saturday nights at Martinka's Magic Shop.

Was the first enduring association of magicians to be organized in any part of the world. From the beginning the biggest men in magic were attracted to the society for they recognized the value of organization and concerted action.

The Society was organized to promote harmony among those Interested in magic and to advance the ethics of the profession. Aggres sive opposition is maintained to those who expose magic or otherwise injure magicians or creations.

The Sphinx, an independent monthly magazine of magic, has been selected to publish M. U.M., the official bulletin of the Society. The Sphinx is sent to every member in good standing as one of the benefits of membership.

The Houdini Hospital Benefit Fund—named in memory of Harry Houdini who was the founder—is still maintained by Parent Assembly for the assistance and relief of any member who becomes sick or disabled.

The S.A.M. has always welcomed magicians from other countries who were acredited members of associations having similar aims. Various of the foreign societies have felt' the opportunities thus afforded for the exchange of ideas to be of great benefit and have, in turn, invited S.A.M. members bearing current membership cards to attend their meeting when over it were possible.

1. "The Society of American Magicians", Society of American Magicians Official List of Assemblies and Members, May, 1930, page 2.
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