The Normanside Country Club, 1931, Historical Sketch

In 1804, just as winter was laying its blanket of snow, Joseph Salisbury cut a patch in the woods bordering the stream then known as the Tawasentha and now called the Normans-kill, and built thereon a log cabin.

His closest white neighbor lived in Hurstville, some two miles distant. He had good neighbors, however, just across the creek—an encampment of Mohican Indians.

In the winter of 1926-1927, a group of five public-spirited citizens became impressed with the possibilities for golf and country club purposes, of the site cleared by Joseph Salisbury back in 1804. This site located on the banks of the Normanskill Creek—Longfellow's Tawasentha—is now owned by the Normanside Corporation and occupied by the Normanside Country Club.

On February 2, 1927, a public meeting was held at the Elsmere School House, where the proposition of forming the Country Club and Holding Corporation was enthusiastically approved. Subsequent meetings were held during February, March, April and May for further discussion. Committees were appointed to outline the details of organization and to prepare a prospectus and arrange for its distribution.

On April 15, 1927, the original five, Dr. Thomas M. Holmes, Dr. E. J. Bedell, Fred M. Earing, William A. Glenn and Walter P. R. Pember, took options on this site of 282 acres, which was then composed of three farms owned by James W. and Lois Zimmer, George W. and Katherine I. Secor and William Salisbury, a descendant ot Joseph Salisbury.

On May 23, 1927, the Club was formally founded by the action of its Founder Members signing the newly adopted Constitution and By-Laws. This date is memorialized each year as Founders' Day.

On July 4, 1928, the first nine-hole golf course was opened for play.

On July 21, the first competitive event staged on the new golf course—a kicker's handicap—was won by Dr. Thomas M. Holmes, R. C. Groner and Walter A. White.

On July 28, the first competitive event in which women participated on the new golf course, a mixed foursome contest, was won by Mrs. W. Oliver Glenn and Fred M. Earing.

On August 11, the Club was formally opened.

On October 27, William A. Glenn won the first Normanside Country Club golf championship.

In November, 1929, work was commenced on the second nine-hole golf course.

On August 26, 1930, the final National Driving Contest was won at the Normanside Country Club by Chick Eigelbach of the Edison Club of Schenectady, N. Y., with a drive of 325 yards.

On October 11, 1930, the Albany City championship tournament was played at Normanside and won by George I. Lawyer.

1. "History of The Normanside Country Club and The Normanside Country Corporation," Constitution, By-Laws, House Rules and List of Members of The Normanside Country Club and The Normanside Corporation, 1931, pages 5-8.

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