The Illinois Anti-Saloon League

Address and officers of the Illinois Anti-Saloon League for the years 1914 and 1919.

1914 -- State Headquarters, 1200 Security Bldg., Chicago, Ill. PRESIDENT: Mr. Alfred T. Capps, Jacksonville, Ill. VICE PRESIDENTS: Bishop W. F. McDowell, 14 W. Washington St., Chicago, Ill.; Mr. Will B. Otwell, Carlinville, Ill.; Hon. John B. Lennon, Bloomington, Ill.; A. J. Scrogin, Lexington, Ill. SECRETARY: Rev. W. B. Millard, Morgan Park, Ill. TREASURER: Hon. W. W. Bennett, Rockford, 111. HEADQUARTERS COMMITTEE: Chairman, Hon. W. W. Bennett, Rockford, Ill.; Secretary, Rev. M. P. Boynton, 6529 Ingleside Ave., Chicago, Ill.; Rev. Chas. L. Morgan, Elgin, Ill.; Mr. T. J. Bolger, 29 S. La Salle St., Chicago, Ill.; Rev. W. A. Smith, Bloomington, Ill. . STATE SUPERINTENDENT: Rev. F. Scott McBride, 1200 Security Bldg., Chicago, Ill. EDITOR: Mr. Sam Fickel. ATTORNEY: Frank B. Ebbert. SUPERINTENDENT LAW ENFORCEMENT: Mr. A. W. Gillett. DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENTS: Mr. E. J. Davis, State Office: Rev. E. F. Collier (Assistant Superintendent), State Office; Rev. George McGinnis, State Office; Rev. W. Earl Ballew, Galesburg, Ill.; Rev. G. W. J ames, Ass't. Dist. Supt., Galesburg, Ill.; Mr. Jas. H. Danskin, Springfield, Ill.; Rev. W. J. Moore, Carbondale. Ill. FIELD AGENTS: Rev. E. W. Ward, State Office; Rev. C. F. Reed, State Office; J. N. Goltra, State Office; C. C. Jessee, State Office: Chas. Fitz Henry, Peoria, Ill. [Source page 220]

1919 -- State Headquarters, 1200 Security Bldg., Chicago. PRESIDENT: W. W. Bennett, Rockford. VICE PRESIDENTS: Will B. Otwell, Carlinville; John B. Lennon, Bloomington; Alfred T. Capps, Jacksonville; Chris Galeener, Carrollton. SECRETARY: Philip Yarrow, Chicago. TREASURER: Thomas J. Bolger, Chicago. HEADQUARTERS COMMITTEE: Thomas J. Bolger, Chairman. Chicago; M. P. Boynton, Secretary, Chicago; John R. Golden, Decatur; Charles E. Coleman, Chicago; John H. Hauberg, Rock Island; A. J. Scrogin, Lexington; George H. Wilson, Quincy; Bishop Thomas Nicholson, Chicago; Judson D. Metzgar, Moline. STATE SUPERINTENDENT: F. Scott McBride, Chicago. ASSIST-ANT TO THE STATE SUPERINTENDENT: Alice Odell, Chicago. BUSINESS MANAGER: Mr. B. W. Ewing, Chicago. EDITOR: Mr. O. G. Christgau, Chicago. DEPARTMENT SUPERINTENDENTS: (Headquarters, Chicago) : Scandinavian, Fred Nordquist; Legal, F. B. Ebbert; Woman's Department, Mrs. G. M. Mathes. DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENTS: Northern, George McGinnis, Chicago ; Chicago, E. J. Davis, Chicago; Eastern, H. H. Rood, Chicago; Western, G. W. James, Galesburg; Central, Parker Shields, Springfield; Alton-East St. Louis, James H. Danskin, Jacksonville; Southern, E. E. McLaughlin, Carbondale. [Source page 404]

The Anti-Saloon League Year Book, (corresponding year), An Encyclopedia of Facts and Figures Dealing with the Liquor Traffic and the Temperance Reform.

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