The Euclid Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church, 1917, Historical Sketch

The Methodist Church in East Toledo, known first as Third Street, was organized by the Rev. John Farley in 1867.

The organization took place in Brown's Hall, on the corner of Oak and Front streets. East Toledo was at that time included in the Findlay District. The infant society was composed of but twenty members, who received helpful counsel and efficient aid from the Rev. Horatio S. Bradley, who was the Presiding Elder of the District. The first church building of the society was a frame structure, and was erected on Third street in 1869.

The church was dedicated January 1st, 1871, by the Rev. E. C. Gavitt, who at that time was Presiding Elder of the East Toledo District, the charge of the "East Side" having been transferred from the Findlay to the East Toledo District.

The first Board of Trustees was composed of the following members: A. P. Sexton, N. R. Winslow, J. J. Mattocks, S. Atkinson and A. Saxhour.

At the time of the dedication of the Church, the Sunday School had an enrollment of sixty, and the building and grounds a valuation of about $4,000. The class was small and a part of a circuit. The ministers who have served Third Street are as follows: John Farley, Joshua Smith. Joseph Bethards, William Fitzgerald, J. W. Miller, Caleb Hill, Ambrose Hollington, Benj. L. Rowand, T. N. Barkdull, Andrew J. Fish, M. M. Figley, Samuel L. Roberts, John W. Donnan, Morris D. Baumgardner.

At an adjourned meeting of the Quarterly Conference of the Third Street Methodist Episcopal Church, held April 16th, 1897, during the pastorate of the Rev. John W. Don-nan, it was agreed to purchase the property lying upon the southeast corner of Euclid and Starr avenues, then owned by E. J. Woodruff, and the plan was unanimously approved by the congregation upon the Sabbath following. A parsonage was soon afterward built upon the rear of the newly acquired lot.

During the pastorate of the Rev. Morris D. Baumgardner, which began in 1899, plans were adopted for the erection of the present building, and continued until its completion and dedication. Owing to the change in location the name was changed from "Third Street" to "Euclid Avenue."

Much credit must be given the pastor and the building committee, consiting [sic] of James Jeffrey, W. H. Tucker, M. M. Parks, H. E. Noble. R. H. Finch and A. F. Henry, for their untiring efforts in bringing this undertaking to so splendid a consummation, and to L. W. Buzzard, the contractor, who was also a member of the church.

After the foundation of the new church was completed, the Third Street property was sold, and the congregation worshiped in the basement of the new building. The structure was finally completed during the fall of 1904, and dedicated upon November 20th of that year. Dr. B. J. Ives, of Albany, N. Y., preached the dedicatory sermon in the evening, Dr. N. B. C. Love gave an address in the afternoon, and many of the former pastors were present and spoke. The cost of the new church was approximately $37,000, and with the parsonage, the value of the entire property is now estimated to be about $40,000. Built of white sandstone, in the most modern and approved manner, with a seating capacity of about a thousand people, it is one of the best planned and most commodious churches in Methodism in our city.

The pastors who have served Euclid Avenue are as follows: Morris D. Baumgardner, M. E. Ketchum, C. W. Sutton, J. A. Holmes, C. W. Hoffman and Edgar H. Cherington.

1. "Historical Sketch", Directory, The Euclid Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church, Toledo, Ohio, September, 1917, pages 5-6.
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