The Arkansas Anti-Saloon League

Address and officers of the Arkansas Anti-Saloon League for the years 1914 and 1919.

1914 -- State Headquarters, 25 Masonic Temple, Little Rock, Ark. PRESIDENT: Col. George Thornburgh. FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Rev. J. N. Jessup. SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: Major A. A. Whisson. THIRD VICE PRESIDENT: Dr. S. A. Scott. TREASURER: Rev. E. J. A. McKinney. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: George Thornburgh, Frank Barrett, A A. Whisson, W. D. Ball, Chas. E. Draper, E. J. A. McKinney, J. N. Jessup, L. S. Ballard. STATE SUPERINTENDENT: Rev. Frank Barrett, 25 Masonic Temple, Little Rock, Ark. FIELD SECRETARY: Rev. Chas. E. Draper (state office). [Source page 218]

1919 -- State Headquarters, Room 306 Masonic Temple, Little Rock. PRESIDENT: Col. Geo. Thornburgh. SECRETARY: Hon. John W. Wade. TREASURER: Dr. S. A. Scott. HEADQUARTERS COMMITTEE: Geo. Thornburgh, Dr. E. Meek, E. J. A. McKinney, A. C. Millar, Tohn W. Wade and S. A. Scott. STATE SUPERINTENDENT: Col. Geo. Thornburgh, Room 306 Masonic Temple, Little Rock. [Source page 402]

The Anti-Saloon League Year Book, (corresponding year), An Encyclopedia of Facts and Figures Dealing with the Liquor Traffic and the Temperance Reform.

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