Taft, William Howard, 1927, Biographical Sketch

THE PRESENT Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court provides a striking example of how the most inconsequential incidents sometimes turn the current of a whole life's course. A train acquaintance with a member of McKinley's administration led to the choice of Justice Taft as governor of the Philippines, and his entry into public life. Of a judicial, rather than administrative nature, the Presidency was forced upon him in 1909 by-Roosevelt, who then plunged into the heart of Africa, leaving his enemies to descend upon the new administration like a swarm of bees. Taft was the first President to draw the present salary of $75,000 a year, as Grant had been the first to receive $50,000 after the increase from the original compensation of $25,000. In order to justify his administration, Taft is said to have traveled over 150,000 miles in four years. Upon his ascension to the Chief Justiceship of the United States, the former President found himself in a post far more congenial to him than that of the Chief Executive.
1. Brief Biographies of our Presidents and the First Ladies of the Land, 1927, American Weekly, Inc., page 27.

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