T. M. Alfriend & Son, 1878, Article Reprint

This agency is one of the oldest, largest and strongest insurance institutions in Virginia. Mr. Alfriend has been prominent in insurance circles in this State for more than an ordinary generation. For many years he was identified with the Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company, and was largely instrumental in developing the great interests which that Company controlled previous to the war. In 1857 he resigned the office of President of that corporation and established the present agency. During his long and important business career Mr. Alfriend has sustained the highest character as a business man, and established a wide reputation as a thoroughly accomplished and trustworthy underwriter. His important relations with the business community of this and neighboring States have always been agreeably and satisfactorily sustained, a fact to which may be attributed the large and prosperous business now controlled by this agency.

The companies represented at this agency are among the strongest and best in the United States. Messrs. T. M. Alfriend & Son are general agents for almost the entire South for the Fire Association of Philadelphia and the Commercial Union Assurance Company of London, and the Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company, of Philadelphia, for the State of Virginia.

These companies each have an unblemished record. They are staunch and prosperous institutions, with immense resources, and under the most intelligent and conservative management. Their standing, pecuniary condition and general business policy carry the strongest possible assurance of absolute indemnity to their patrons.

The firm also are general agents of the Mercantile Mutual (Marine) Insurance Company and the Brooklyn Life, of New York, and are the Richmond agents of the Petersburg Savings and Insurance Company, one of the best and most successful insurance institutions in the South.

The business of this agency is very large, and extends to several States, throughout which it controls the largest and choicest patronage in this line. The firm represent only first-class companies, and have established a very honorable reputation for the prompt adjustment and payment of losses, and we are gratified to add that their present business gives every possible indication of the long continued success and prosperity of this justly celebrated agency. --Baltimore American.

1. The Insurance Advocate, Vol. IX, No. 3, Richmond, VA., March, 1878, page 43.

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