Stefaniw, Vera, 1939-2003, Request for Information

A research project is underway to determine the ancestry of Vera Natalie Stefaniw (possibly Vira Stefanow). If you know anything about Vera and/or her siblings, please contact us with the details.

Here's what we know so far:

1939, March 17, born in Syhit, Romania. Youngest of four (known): Olga, Daria and Ignatius, Jr.

1954, March 31, applies for SSN in California. Bond Clothing, Los Angeles is employer. 805 N Vendome, L. A. is residence. Parents names: Ignatius Stefanow [sic] and Natalia Zawatska.

1957, April, resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

1957-1977, raises a son, Wolodemir R.

1973-1977, living in Vailsburg section of Newark, New Jersey.

1992-2003, living in Sarasota, Florida (possibly with sister Olga).

1996, April, her brother, Ignatius, passes away in Williamsburg, Virginia.

2000, April, her sister, Olga Gwozdziowsky, passes away in Sarasota, Florida.

2003, December 1, she passes away.

2009, September, her sister, Daria Kolatola, passes away in Parsippany, New Jersey.

This page will be updated as additional information is received.

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