Stanley, Elizabeth, 1893, Obituary

Mrs. Elizabeth Stanley, widow of Capt. John Stanley, died 21 Dec., 1893, in Salem, where she was born 30 Sept., 1797. Her parents were Capt. Thomas and Sarah-Chapman Hunt.

Her father died when she was quite young, and she went to live with her uncle, on Baker's Island. During the war of 1812, she discovered an English man-of-war making into the harbor, and immediately gave the alarm. She was kindly disposed to the poor, and having ample means, gave liberally. She leaves four children- John W. Stanley, Miss Mary E. Stanley, and Mrs. M. A. Bickerman, of Salem, and Mrs. Andrew Nichols, of Danvers, seven grandchildren, and three greatgrandchildren. Miss Mary Farrington, who died 30 July, 1892, in her 93d year, was her sister, and Capt. Thomas Hunt, father of T. Frank Hunt, Esq., her brother, and Mrs. Louisa H. Ward, still living, another sister.

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1. Essex-County Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 1, No. 3, March, 1894, page 47.

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