Squantum Association, 1915, History

Probably no club of its kind is more widely known or has entertained within its hospitable borders more eminent men than has Squantum. Situated on one of the most picturesque spots along the beautiful shores of Narragansett Bay, no site on the whole New England coast could be selected which would be more in keeping with the idea one intuitively has in mind when "Squantum" is spoken of; some wooded, rocky, picturesque Indian locality, where the cares of business are forgotten, and where hospitality and good cheer reign supreme.

About the year 1870, a few gentlemen, some of whom are members of the present Squantum Club, selected this spot on which to pass a few hours occasionally, in the pleasures to be derived from not only the chowders which they themselves made in an old iron kettle, over an open fire, followed by the regular old-time shore dinner, but also in those social amenities for which Squantum, from that time to the present, has been noted.

Year after year the number of gentlemen who were anxious to join the original select few grew until the old rule, which in itself was one of the original attractive features of the club, namely, that each one should have certain duties to perform,-- one should fry the fish, another should bake the clams, and still another should mix the seductive Squantum punch,-- from the increase in numbers, rendered this rule or mutual agreement necessarily an impossibility.

The club was then incorporated; the present beautiful site was purchased; from time to time suitable buildings were erected and improvements made upon the grounds, until, at the present time, Squantum, with a limited membership of one hundred and seventy-five, is a club which is noted from one end of the country to the other for the good cheer which it dispenses, for its generous hospitality, and for the beauty and attractiveness of its surroundings.

1. "Squantum", Squantum, Narragansett Bay, R. I., 1915, page 3.
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