Second Life Steps for Genealogists to follow in Joining

As you can see from reading "Second Life Basic Concepts, A Primer for Interested Genealogists", there are several new concepts to understand about living in Second Life (SL). Fortunately, many of the genealogists in Second Life are available to help you get acclimated.

There are tremendous benefits to exploring your genealogy in Second Life, and we want you to be able to join us and begin collaborating. Here are the steps to follow to become a part of the genealogy community in Second Life.

  1. Visit the Second Life web site and select Join Now option. Registration is FREE. There are options to upgrade to a premium account once you have joined.
  2. You can select any First Name you like, however, Last Names must be picked from a list provided. Be creative and have fun selecting your alternate identity. Many of the genealogists in Second Life have picked a name of one of their ancestors.
  3. When you complete the registration (and activate it following instructions that they email to you), you will need to download and install the Second Life viewer software
  4. The first time you login to Second Life you will be taken to one of the public help or reception areas (based on the choice you made during registration). Take some time to walk around and explore a bit. Get used to using the movement and cameral controls.
  5. When you're ready to explore the genealogy areas in Second Life, click on the Search button and search for genealogy. Among the top results you will see First Life Ancestry & Genealogy and Just Genealogy. These are the two most active genealogy areas in Second Life. Choose the area you would like to visit, then click on the Teleport button.
  6. The landowners of these two areas are Constantine Kyomoon and Clarise Beaumont. It is recommended that you add both of these residents as friends. Use the search to locate both by typing in their name, clicking on the Resident profile in the search results, and choosing Add Friend. If they are in-world, they will likely come and greet you.
  7. When you visit the First Life Ancestry & Genealogy Center, you will be given an landmark and an area guide that explains the information available in the various buildings on the property. In the main plaza, there is a green sign the provides instructions for joining the Friends of Live Roots group -- this will keep you informed of upcoming events.
  8. Once you join the Live Roots group, you will be permitted to set your "home" location to First Life Ancestry & Genealogy. Having a home location is helpful whenever you're roaming around and get lost... you can simply Ctrl+Shift+H to return home. To set your home location, while in the plaza, choose World -> "Set Home to Here". You can always change your home location.
  9. There is a Picks tab on your profile where you can list the places you visit often. While you are in the plaza, right click on your avatar, select Profile, choose the Picks tab and click New to add First Life Ancestry & Genealogy.
  10. In the plaza area, there are signs that offer freebies, including a new resident kit. Look around, and feel free to explore. Most signs in Second Life will give you an informational notecard or item when touched. Some freebies must be purchased, but look closely and you'll see the price is L$0 dollars.

Clarise has established a common calendar for genealogy events in Second Life, which is used by all of the Union of Genealogy Group member areas.

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