Scavengers, 1822, Job Description

It is their business under the direction of the ward commissioners, to remove nuisances and all offensive substances.

It is their duty, also, to clean out all privies, requiring it, once in two months from April to October, and once in three months from October to April, and within twenty-four hours after they are required so to do by the occupier of the premises, on failure of which they are liable to a fine of from one to ten dollars.

They are entitled to the following fees : For cleaning each box not exceeding three feet long, eighteen inches wide, and eighteen inches deep, fifty cents, and for each additional foot or part of a foot, in length, twenty-five cents : and for all boxes of greater dimensions, in the same proportion ; for every bucket or vessel, not exceeding eighteen inches in diameter, thirty-seven and a half cents ; and for those exceeding eighteen inches in diameter, they may charge at the rate fixed for boxes.

In addition to their fees, they are entitled to receive a compensation, not exceeding fifty dollars, each, per annum, at the discretion of the commissioner.

They are appointed about the first Monday in August, annually, one or more from each ward, at the discretion of the Mayor.

"Corporation Officers," The Washington Directory showing the Name, Occupation, and Residence, of each Head of a Family and Person in Business, Washington, D. C., December, 1822, page 109.

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