Royal Arcanum is a Mutual Benefit Society, 1904

It was founded at Boston, June 23d, 1877, with nine members. It is one of the largest beneficial orders in this country, and at the present rate of its growth will soon be in the lead.

Its correct basis, its representative and economical management, its simple and open methods, its wide field of operations (excluding all unhealthy localities), its high standard of physical and moral qualili-cations for membership, its equitable assessment scale, its provisions for sick and distressed members, its prompt and full payment of benefits to the widows and orphans, and its other prudential, fraternal and social features have been so thoroughly recognized and appreciated that it now has nearly 260,000 members.

It furnishes life insurance at cost (about one-half the price charged by insurance companies).

In the Royal Arcanum are united all the elements of economy consonant with justice and the permanence of the institution, and the Order is recommended to the favorable consideration of every man whom a sense of the uncertainty of all things but death prompts to make sure provision for the support of his dependents after his demise.

1. "The Royal Arcanum is a Mutual Benefit Society", Brooklyn Council No. 72 Royal Arcanum, 1904, page 6.
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