Portland Second Congregational Church, 1860, Historical Sketch

The Second Congregational Church, in Portland, originated in a secession from the First Parish, in the year 1787. The Society was incorporated March 17th, 1788; and the first pastor of the Church, the Rev. Elijah Kellogg, was ordained on the first day of October, in the same year. With him, the Rev. Edward Patson was associated as Colleague, and ordained Dec. 16th, 1807.

On the 4th day of Dec. 1811, Mr. Kellogg's pastoral relation to the Church was dissolved by the advice of Council, when thirty-two members were amicably dismissed and subsequently organized under the name of the "Chapel Congregational Church in Portland," over which, in March 1812, Mr. Kellogg was installed as Pastor. In 1825, a number of the members of the Second Church, having purchased the Meeting House of the Chapel Society, were dismissed, in order to form the Third Church, now under the pastoral care of the Rev. W. T. Dwight, D. D.

In 1831, fifty-seven members were dismissed in order to form, with eight others from the Third Church, the nucleus of a new Church in High street, which is now under the pastoral care of the Rev. J. W. Chickering. These three churches, the Second, Third and High street, are united in faith and fellowship. In July, 1835, twenty-two colored members wore set off from this Church to form the Abysinian Church ; and within the last eight years three other churches, viz : the State Street Church, the "Union Church and the St. Lawrence Street Church, all of our Faith and Order, have been organized—towards the formation of which, this Church has contributed largely of its members.

1. "Preliminary Notice", Covenant, Articles of Faith and Regulations, of the Second Congregational Church, Portland, ME., 1860, pages 3-4.
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