Piatt County Farm Bureau, 1929, Overview

The Piatt County Farm Bureau is an organization of farmers banded together for the purpose of promoting more successful agricultural methods and for the purpose of helping to place the agricultural industry on the plane of importance which it deserves among other industries.

It is organized for the purpose of doing things collectively that cannot be don individually. The members of the organization are leading fanners in their communities who are striving to do their work more efficiently than in the past by studying better agricultural business methods. They believe that it is just as important to save a dollar in cost of production, through the use of better methods, as in getting a dollar more on the sale of a product.

The Piatt County Farm Bureau was organized over ten years ago and is now in its eleventh year of work and service. Judging from the response and interest of the members in the volunteer membership renewal campaign that has been going on it is in a strong ancl thriving condition. Apparently when the soliciting campaign is completed, two of every three farmers in Piatt county will be members of the Farm Bureau.

The Piatt County Farm Bureau is a member of the Illinois Agricultural Association, which was organized for the purpose of assisting to solve problems too large for a county organization. The state organization is in turn federated with forty-five other state farm bureaus which comprise the American Farm Bureau Federation with over 1,500,000 members in the United States. Our Illinois Agricultural Association is conceded to be the strongest and most influential state organization in the United States. It has seventeen different service departments set up to serve its members along the following lines: legislation, taxation, collection of claims, transportation and railroad rates, dairy marketing, grain marketing, livestock marketing, produce and cream marketing, fruit and vegetable marketing, a full line or reliable insurance at cost, co-operative auditing, serum purchasing, gas and petroleum products, limestone and phosphate, organization and information.

The organization is financed through membership dues of $15.00 per year, $5.00 of which goes to the Illinois Agricultural Association as dues to that organization and 50 cents of which goes to the American Farm Bureau Federation as clues. The local organization is governed by an executive board consisting of ten men who meet monthly and look after the detailed business affairs of the organization. Each township is represented by a director, whose official name is governor. The governor is a legislative officer for the members of the township and he attends metings with other governors and casts a vote for the members of his unit.

The activities of the organization are outlined at the beginning of each year in the form of a proposed program of work, setting forth the major projects, the minor projects ancl the service projects, or, in other words, the activities to be accomplished. Most of the results of our organizations program of work are accomplished through demonstration meetings conducted by the farm advisers. The organization caters entirely to its members and because of its wide program of work and varied interests the Piatt County Farm Bureau has something of interest and value for every farm in the county and can render service of sufficient value to warrant every farmer belonging to the only farmers' organization representing his interest to the fullest extent.

1. "Piatt County Farm Bureau", Piatt County (Ill.) Farm Directory, Issued July, 1929, page 5.
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