North Church of Hartford, 1852, Historical Sketch

The First Church in Hartford, from which the North Church separated in 1824, was the first Church established in Connecticut, in which the ordinances of the Gospel have been regularly administered.

The venerable Thomas Hooker, and his assistant in the ministry, the Rev. Samuel Stone, arrived at Boston, September 4,1633, and on the 11th of October, a Church was organized at Cambridge, Mass., (then called Newtown,) and the pastor and teacher were ordained to their respective offices. In June, 1636, they, with their company, consisting of about one hundred persons, removed to this place. Mr. Hooker died, July 7, 1647, in the 61st year of his age, and the 12th of his ministry here, and Mr. Stone July 20th, 1663, in the 61st year of his age, and 28th of his ministry.

The Rev. John Whiting and the Rev. Joseph Haynes succeeded the above. Mr. Whiting was ordained 1660, and Mr. Haynes 1664. In 1669, under their ministry, the Church divided, and Mr. Whiting became the pastor of the South Church. He died 1689. Mr. Haynes died, May 24, 1679, in the 38th year of his age, and the 15th of his ministry.

The Rev. Isaac Foster succeeded Mr. Haynes the latter part of 1679, or beginning of 1680, and died in January, 1683.

The next pastor, the Rev. Timothy Wood-bridge was ordained November 18, 1685, and died April 30,1732, at an advanced age, and in the 47th year of his ministry.

The Rev. Daniel Wadsworth was ordained September 28, 1732, and died November 12,1747, in the 43d year of his age, and 16th of his ministry.

The Rev. Edward Dorr was ordained April 27, 1748, and died October 20, 1772, in the 50th year of his ago, and 25th of his ministry.

The Rev. Nathan Strong, D. D., was ordained January 5,1774, and died December 25, 1816, in the 68th year of his age, and 43d of his ministry.

The Rev. Joel Hawes, D. D., the present pastor was ordained March 4,1818.

The North Church of Christ in Hartford, was organized in the First Church, on the 23d of September, 1824; At its organization, the Church consisted of 102 members, 39 males and 63 females.

On the 1st of December, 1824, the Rev. Carlos Wilcox was installed Pastor of the Church, and sustained the relation till May 31st, 1826, when he was dismissed at his own request, on account of impaired health.

The Rev. Samuel Spring was installed on the 21st March, 1827, and dismissed at his own request, January 8th, 1833.

The Rev. Horace Bushnell was ordained May 22d, 1833.

1. "Historical Sketch," Catalogue of the North Church, Hartford [Conn.], Together with its History, Articles of Faith and By-Laws, 1852, pages 3-8.

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