Newberry College, 1926, Historical Sketch

NEWBERRY COLLEGE was established in 1856. But its antecedent history reaches back to the year 1828. In that year the Rev. John Bach-man, D.D., pastor of St. John's Lutheran church of Charleston, S. C., acting as President of the Synod of South Carolina, recommended, in his annual address, the founding of an institution of learning to be under the fostering care of the Synod. As the first fruit of his suggestion, a committee was appointed in the following year "to receive contributions to be devoted to the establishment of a Theological Seminary."

On the report of the committee of the Synod in 1830, it was solemnly resolved to establish such a seminary and to conduct in connection therewith a "Classical Academy". This "Classical Academy" was the embryo from which resulted the institution now known as Newberry College. The twin classical and theological school was located at Lexington, South Carolina, in the year 1832, and as the "Classical and Theological Institute of the South Carolina Synod" it accomplished results which abide to this day to the blessing of the Church and State.

But in 1854 the Synod concluded to organize the classical department of the old school into a regular college, and steps were taken to that end. Bids for the location of the college were received from Walhalla and Newberry, and in 1855 Newberry was selected as the home ot the institution that was being planned. For many years the Theological Seminary, now located in its own commodious building at Columbia, South Carolina, was conducted at Newberry with the aid of the college faculty and equipment.

On December 20, 1856, Newberry College was chartered by the Legislature of South Carolina, and the enterprise was fairly launched upon its career of service.

1. "The College", Catalogue of Newberry College, 1926, Newberry, S. C., page 13.
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