National League of Commission Merchants, 1926, Overview

What is the National League of Commission Merchants and Who are Eligible for Membership?

IT IS the first representative organization of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry to be established and was for many years the only one.

ITS ORIGINAL high standard of business qualifications and ethics has been always maintained. It has served to raise the morale of the Industry, which result could only have been accomplished through such organized endeavor as the League has put forth.

MEMBERSHIP in the National League is recognized everywhere as a symbol of integrity and responsibility. The League performs for the individual or firm what an individual or firm cannot do for itself, and provides a standing more valuable than a commercial rating.

THE LEAGUE has instituted and concluded many reforms in the Industry. It has successfully resisted proposed unjust detrimental legislation.

ITS SERVICES to the perishable industry at large, in matters of transportation, have been of inestimable value.

IT OCCUPIES as an organization a position of well earned and commanding influence with all Legislative, Transportation and Economic bodies.

A MEMBERSHIP carries with it an assurance of material and moral support. It provides a most complete and satisfactory system of arbitration.

GROWERS AND SHIPPERS are urged to establish business relations with members of the League, dealings with whom afford a basis for that mutuality of confidence and cooperation that is so essential for the success of the perishable industry and those engaged in it.

ANY ONE of the many achievements of the League, whether consummated by its own endeavors or in connection with co-ordinate bodies, reflects a benefit to each individual member of the trade and a value to them of which the cost is an insignificant item.

THE Perishable Industry is frequently made the subject of unwarranted attacks by misinformed and misguided persons, some of whom occupy high places in the official and commercial life of the nation. These attacks can only be successfully met and repulsed through well organized and efficient handling.

THE Industry has problems which are extremely perplexing and peculiar to it alone. These problems can only be successfully solved through well organized and efficient effort.

THE LEAGUE furnishes the organization as well as a demonstrated efficiency and is entitled to and should have the universal support of the Industry. Every person within the natural territory of the League who is eligible, worthy and well qualified, should be enrolled as a member.

A MEMBERSHIP provides a real and tangible asset to any firm, an avenue for progress, and an opportunity to promote the general good.

ITS LIFE has been one of progress, achievement, and benefit and its gates are open to all worthy members of the Industry with equal opportunities to all and special favors to none.

YOU ACCEPT losses with a smile—why not invest the few dollars necessary for membership, which, though charged to expense, brings real dividends and safeguards your business.

MEMBERSHIP is divided into two classes — BRANCH LEAGUE and INDIVIDUAL, which are again subdivided into Active and Associate Memberships.

In a city where there is a Branch League, application should be made to the Secretary of the Branch.

For Individual Membership at a point where there is no Branch League, applicant can apply for membership in the Branch League located nearest his city, or can make application for membership direct to the General Manager & Secretary. Associate Members are permitted either as Branch League or Individual Members, as above described. Such memberships are available to Brokers, Shippers, Shipping Organizations and Auction Companies whose principal business is dealing in unbroken car lots of Fruits or Vegetables; Banking Institutions, and Cold Storages conducting business solely as public storage warehousemen,

The scope of the League's operation and representation extends to 171 of the largest and most important marketing and producing centers of the United States. The General Manager and Secretary will be only too glad to give information and further details to interested parties.

Cordially yours,

General Manager & Secretary,
624 Munsey Bldg., Washington, D. C.
Telephone: Main 799

1. "What is the National League of Commission Merchants and Who are Eligible for Membership?," Membership List of the National League of Commission Merchants of the United States, July, 1926, pages 2-5.

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