Mutual Coal Company, 1930, Overview

The mine is located in Section 16, Township 15, Range 18 W. N. M. P. M. There are two workable seams known to he in the property and are designated as the Black Diamond and the Otero. These seams he at a depth from the surface of 900 and 950 feet respectively. The mine is opened by a slope driven on a pitch varying from ten to thirty-two degrees a distance of 3154 feet from mouth to face of slope. The mine is opened on the double entry room and pillar system with slope pillars 100 feet in thickness, entry pillars 75 feet. The rooms are driven 16 feet wide and 250 feet in length. The length of the room necks is 20 feet and the width 9 feet. Rooms are driven on 50 foot centers.

The mine is ventilated by an electrically driven fan running at a speed of 340 r.p.m. producing a water gauge of L* inch and circulating 40,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Area of intake airway 60 square feet. Area of return airway 40 square feet. Number of splits on the air 3. The coal is gathered by mules hauled to the main parting by electric locomotive and is taken from there to the top by rope haulage driven by a 200 IT. P. electric hoist. The locomotive used is a 5-ton Mancha storage battery.

Improvements made during the year consist of locomotive and charging station, box car loader, and change in tipple. Cost $9,000. 10,800 pounds of No. 5 monobel powder were used during the year. The miners light their own shots.

The mine worked 252 days with a daily average of 50 miners and 12 day men underground and 8 men on top. Nationalities are given as Mexican 50% and Italians and Slav 50%. Tonnage for the year was 68,341 tons, all of which was marketed in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, Approximate value of coal sold given as $184,000.00.

Property owned and operated by the United Verde Extension Mining Company

H. F. Mills, General Manager, Gallup, New Mexico

1. "MUTUAL COAL COMPANY, MUTUAL MINE", Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Inspector of Coal Mines to the Governor of New Mexico, New Mexico, 1930, Page 39.

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