Michael Reese Hospital, 1923, Photographs

The Michael Reese Hospital is a general hospital containing 461 beds, of which 156 are provided for private patients. It consists of neurological, genito-urinary, gynecological, male and female medical and surgical wards; a suite of operating rooms; and an obstetrical department. The Pediatric department is housed in a separate building, known as the Sarah Morris Hospital for Children, which is connected with the main building by a subway. The Laboratory Department, the Nelson Morris Institute for Medical Research, occupies another building across from the main hospital. In addition to the ordinary departments, the institution has particularly well equipped Dietetic, Social Service, X-ray, Electrocardiographic and Occupational Therapy Departments.

Michael Reese Hospital (Main Building)

Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, picture of Main Building, 29th Street and Ellis Avenue.

Michael Reese Hospital School of Nursing (Students' Library)

Michael Reese Hospital School of Nursing, picture of Students' Library.

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