Live Roots Genealogy Zone

On a regular basis, genealogists are in Second Life (SL) talking about their most difficult ancestral cases, and getting real-time advice from other group members. The Live Roots Genealogy Zone offeres a place for this virtual genealogical society to develop, the members help each other out with genealogy issues, and also in getting oriented to Second Life.

Live Roots Genealogy Zone Welcome Sign

The Zone was established on January 29, 2009, as an alternate platform for utilizing many of the Live Roots features, and to encourage collaboration amongst the resident genealogists. This area was replaced on May 1st, 2010 by the First Life Ancestry & Genealogy Center.

The Zone was a large area in Second Life--spanning across almost half of an entire PG-rated region--that includes several buildings housing informational displays and features, along with a rental community for the Friends of Live Roots group members.

This area was open to the public, feel free to visit and stroll around the park setting landscaped by the owner, Constantine Kyomoon and several of the group members.

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