Life Insurance Company of Virginia, 1878, Advertisement

The Life Insurance Company of Virginia, Petersburg, Virginia., A. G. McILWAINE, Presít, JOHN ARRINGTON and D. B. TENNANT, Vice-Prest's, SAMUEL B. PAUL, Manager.

This Company, operating upon the basis of reserve investment everywhere, as near the Policy-holder as practicable, has successfully established Boards of Stockholders, or Policy-holders in the principal cities and towns in Virginia and West Virginia.

All of its Policies are Absolutely Non-Forfeitable After the Second Annual Payment.

RICHMOND STOCKHOLDER BOARD: Thomas Branch. John H. Guy. A. D. Williams, R. L. Brown. A. L. Ellett, O. A. Crenshaw, F. L. Smith, Jr., Z. W. Pickerell, T. W. Pemberton, M. Ellyson, W. K. Martin, G. W. Mayo, Jas. Woodhouse, T. A. Brander, A. E. Dickinson.

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1. The Insurance Advocate, Vol. IX, No. 3, Richmond, VA., March, 1878, page 58.

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