Liahona The Elders' Journal (1907-1945)

The first issue of Liahona The Elders' Journal was published on June 22, 1907, representing the union of two other publications, The Liohona, and The Elders' Journal. This publication was produced by the Missions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the United States, with its chief effort being to make plain the principles of the Gospel.

Liahona The Elders' Journal coverAs several thousand copies of each issue, were delivered in homes where "Mormon" literature had never before been read, at least to any extent, it was the intention that each number shall contain something relating to the first principles of the Gospel.

The Liahona The Elders' Journal ceased publication with the release of the February 27, 1945 issue. All issues are available in the Digital Collections at BYU under Mormon Publications: 20th Century.

Included in many of the issues was a Mission News section, which highlighted activities of missionaries from around the country. This section may be of particular interest to genealogists who may be able to capture significant milestones in their ancestors' lives.

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