La Ventana Coal Field - White Ash Mine, 1930, Overview

The mine is located in Section 32, Township 19 North, Range 1 West. Is opened by slope and worked on the room and pillar plan. The coal is gathered by mules and hauled to the tipple by gasoline locomotive. The mine worked 296 days during the year with a daily average if 12 miners and 2 day men employed in the mine and 2 men on top. The production was 4,860 tons of coal, sold for $14,961.00.

Improvements for the year given as follows: New buildings $1256.40; power plant $1100.00; equipment $2340.00.

Owned and operated by the White Ash Coal Company.

W. F. Nance, general manager, Tilden, New Mexico.

1. "SANDOVAL COUNTY", Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Inspector of Coal Mines to the Governor of New Mexico, New Mexico, 1930, Page 58.

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