John C. Green School of Science, 1876, Overview

This institution, endowed by Mr. John C. Green, entered on its third year September 8, 1875. It is a department of the College of New Jersey; the scientific instruction is imparted by the Professors of the School of Science, and the Professors of Science of the Academic Department, the students having access to any of the courses of lectures and recitations in the college.

It is established for the purpose of giving a thorough scientific training, together with a liberal education, to those who, through inclination, or in view of their future professional studies, may not choose to devote such attention to classical and philosophical studies as is required in the Academic Course.

In the Scientific School the students are regularly engaged in laboratory, museum, and field work, and make excursions to different points of interest.

For graduates and advanced students, and those desiring to pursue special branches, every facility will be supplied for study and research.

Two courses in general science are thrown open in this School. The one is for those who enter directly. Alter pursuing three years' study they may become candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The other is for those who have taken the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, and who, after pursuing a two years' course in special departments of science, may apply for the degree of Master of Science.

To those who shall pursue a course of diligent study and original research for two or more years after obtaining the Bachelor's Degree, and shall exhibit their attainments by passing an examination, and by producing a thesis based upon such original research, the Trustees may grant a degree of Doctor of Science.

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