Inspectors of Flour, 1822, Job Description

It is the duty of the Inspector to examine every such barrel of flour, by piercing it with an instrument, and if he shall judge the same to be merchantable, to brand the words Washington City on the quarter thereof; and also mark them with the quality which he may determine the flour to be of, whether superfine, fine, or middlings.

And every barrel of flour which he may condemn as unmerchantable, shall be branded on the quarter with a broad arrow, or secured for further examination. Inspectors are prohibited from purchasing flour, except for family use, under the penalty of forfeiting ten dollars, for every barrel purchased. They are required to keep an exact account of all the flour by them inspected, and make a return thereof to the Mayor once in every three months. Their compensation is two cents for each barrel of flour they inspect, to be paid by the owner thereof.

Are annually appointed by the Mayor about the fourth Monday in June. They must be of good repute and skill, and are required to make oath that they will faithfully inspect, according to the provisions of the acts of the corporation, all flour brought to the city, when they are called upon for that purpose.

"Corporation Officers," The Washington Directory showing the Name, Occupation, and Residence, of each Head of a Family and Person in Business, Washington, D. C., December, 1822, page 106-107.

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