History of the Opportunity Club

"As we have therefore Opportunity, let us do good unto all men." This is the motto under which Miss Katherine Nash, now Mrs. Carl Thomas, organized the Opportunity Club in 1897, with a little band of ten or twelve young girls, and this same motto is the inspiration of the club today, twenty-three years later when not only the personnel of the club has been radically changed, but it's scope materially widened.

The club was started not only for the purpose of helping neglected people and bringing a ray of sunshine into the lives of the lonely, but even more to help these young girls to form the habit of seeing the opportunities all about them, and to transform passive kindliness to active service. The members of a Sunday School class in the First Congregational Church, which is now known as the Neighborhood Church, were taken as a nucleus. These same girls were also members of one of Miss Nash's classes in High School, where she was teaching Latin at that time. The club was non-sectarian, however, and new members from all of the churches were attracted by the work.

Miss Nash happened to see the name of "Opportunity Club" in some Ohio newspaper, and was particularly attracted to it, and thought it suggested a direction of effort which seemed just what the girls needed. They responded at once to the suggestion, showing great enthusiasm, and after very little discussion, the name was adopted and the motto which the name inevitably suggested.

1. "History of the Opportunity Club", By Mrs. Harry M. Thompson, Opportunity Club, Pasadena, California, 1897-1920, page 7.
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