History and Note to Parents, St. Lawrence College

This Institution was founded in the year 1856 by the Very Rev. Francis Haas, o. m. cap., and the Very Rev. Bonaventure Frey, o. m. cap , shortly after they had introduced the Capuchin Order into this country. At first the College occupied a wing of the Monastery, but in course of time a largo separate building was erected, which can accommodate about 150 students. The College is located on a conspicuous eminence, thirteen miles east of Fond du Lac. The Railroad Station is "Calvary" on the Chicago and Northwestern Road, which is two miles from the College. Being thus removed from the din and turmoil of city-life, this Institution affords students that quiet solitude so necessary in their literary pursuits.


Parents will do well to send their sons at the beginning of the term. Boys entering after school has opened generally find it very difficult to keep up with the class.

No student will be admitted for a shorter period than one session (five months;) little profit can acrue from a shorter stay.

When a student takes sick, he will be carefully nursed, and should his disease prove dangerous, parents will receive timely notice

No advances will be made by the College for clothing, pocket-money, or other expenditures, unless a sufficient sum has been deposited.

A deposit of five dollars must be made in advance to meet necessary expenses, as mending, etc.

Express charges on parcels sent to students, must be prepaid.

When at the end of a session parents wish their boy to return home, they must first settle all accounts and forward the necessary traveling-money.

Students entering about the middle of a month are charged for a whole month.

No deduction will be made for absence or withdrawal before the end of a session, except in a case of prolonged illness or dismissal.

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