Haverhill North Congregational Church, 1866, Historical

March 1, 1859, a religious society of the Congregational Orthodox denomination, was duly organized for the purpose of maintaining public worship, under the name of the "North Congregational Society."

March 19th, 1859, a meeting was held to take the preliminary measures for the formation of. a new church, to be connected with the aforesaid Society. This step was taken from a sense of duty to God and the Great Head of the Church, believing that the interests of religion demanded, and the cause of Christ would bo promoted by another church organization in this town.

After much deliberation and prayer, it was voted unanimously, that an Ecclesiastical Council be called on Wednesday, 30th inst., to advise and assist in the constitution of a new church, if in their judgement it should be deemed expedient. In accordance with this vote, Letters Missive were forwarded to 12 churches, who met by their pastors and delegates, on the day appointed, and the following is the official record of their doings.


In accordance with Letters Missive signed by Kendall Flint, Luther Johnson, N. S. Howe, Moses How, and Robert Morris Ingalls, in behalf of the brethren proposing to be organized into a Congregational church in Haverhill, Mass., an Ecclesiastical Council convened at the house of Moses How, in Haverhill, March 30th, 1859, at 9 o'clock, a. m.

The Letter Missive was read by Rev. Leonard S. Parker of Haverhill, and the Council organised by Choosing Rev. L. F. Dimmick, D. D., as Moderator, and Rev. Alonzo H. Quint, as Scribe. The Council then adjourned to the Centre Church.

Upon re-assembling in the Centre Church, the session was opened With prayer by Rev. Mr. McCollom.

The committee representing the brethren desiring organization, laid before the Council the attested vote of the Centre Church, dismissing and recommending twenty-nine male and fifty-three female members to the proposed church, in ease it be formed ; and a similar letter from the First Church in Bradford, in like manner dismissing one male and one female member. These papers the Council Voted, To be regular and satisfactory.

The records of the preliminary meetings, together with the Creed and Covenant of the proposed church, were then read, after which the reasons for desiring an organization were presented and discussed at length. The Council then Voted, To be by themselves.

The Council being by themselves, after free conference, it was

Voted, That in view of all the present circumstances, it is expedient that the request of the brethren he granted, and that a new-church be organised under the name of the " North Congregational Church in Haverhill."

Voted, that the Articles of Faith and Covenant be deemed Satisfactory.

Voted, To adjourn, to meet for the public Constitution of the "church, at 2 1/2 o'clock P. M.

The Council re-assembled at the appointed hour, when the exercises, as assigned, were performed, and the " North Congregational Church in Haverhill," duly constituted and received into fellowship.

After the formation of the church, immediate measures were taken for the erection of a convenient house of worship, for the Use of the church and society, and on the 20th day of July, the corner stone of the same was laid with appropriate services.

On Wednesday, February 15th, the house of worship was completed and dedicated to the service of God.

June 4th, 1860, the church voted unanimously to extend a call to Rev. E. H. Seeley, to become their pastor, which vote was con curred in by the society, and on the 5th of July an affirmative answer was received, and on the 8th of August he was installed as pastor of the church and society.

1. "Historical", Confession of Faith, Covenant, Standing Rules, and Names of Members of the North Congregational Church, Haverhill, Mass., 1866, pages 3-6.
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