Hampstead Congregational Church, 1887, Historical Record

This church was organized June 3, 1752, consisting of thirty-one males and thirty-seven females.

Rev. Henry True was ordained the 24th of the same month, as pastor. He held that office till the day of his death, May 22, 1782.

The church was destitute of a pastor for the following ten years, although several persons were invited to the pastorate. Some declined ; others, for good reasons, were excused.

Rev. John Kelly was ordained Dec. 5, 1792, and continued to discharge the duties of his office for about forty-four years. He was dismissed Oct. 12, 1836, aged 73 years. On the same day, Rev. J. M. C. Bartley was installed as pastor. He was dismissed the last Sabbath in 1857.

Rev. Theodore C. Pratt was ordained pastor June 21, 1859. He was dismissed January 9, 1870.

Rev. Ebenezer W. Bullard was installed as pastor Dec. 14, 1870. He was dismissed Oct. 25, 1875.

Rev. Albert Watson was installed March 23, 1876, and is now pastor.

In 1828 the church contained 110 members; in 1835, 81 ; in 1849, 95; in 1859, 68, (its original number.) Jan. 1, 1861, 83 ; June 1, 1876, 72. The present number is 157.

Most of the preceding facts were gathered from the old Manual printed in 1861.

1. "Historical Record of the Congregational Church in Hampstead, N. H.", Manual of the Congregational Church, Hampstead, N. H., 1877, pages 3-5.
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