Georgetown College, 1822, Historical Sketch

The Georgetown College is situated on an eminence, eighty feet above the bed of the Potomac river, and commands a view of Georgetown, Washington, the Potomac, and the adjacent parts of the District of Columbia. The College edifice is of brick, 3 stories high, 163 feet long, and 33 in breadth.

This institution was commenced in the year 1790, by subscription, under the direction of the incorporated Catholic Clergy of the state of Maryland, of whom Archbishop Carroll was the head. In 1815, the College was raised by Congress to the rank of an University, so that the course of studies is calculated to tit the scholars for the usual academic honors. The course of ordinary studies is completed in six years, after which, if the student has made sufficient proficiency, he may receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts. If he remain longer, and study the higher branches of mathematics and philosophy, with success, he may take the degree of Master of Arts. As the members of the College profess the Catholic religion, the exercises of religious worship are Catholic ; but members of every other religious denomination are received, of whom it is only required that they respectfully assist at the public duties of religion with their companions. No student is admitted who has not a good moral character.

The academic year commences on the 15th of September, and ends on the 31st of July. There are two examinations in the year, and two days of public academic exercises : the minor one in March, and the commencement on the 27th of July.


Rev. Enoch Fenwick, President.

Rev. Benedict Fenwick, Vice-President.


Rev. Thomas Levins, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy.

Rev. M. Dzierozinski, Professor of Moral Philosophy.

Rev. Roger Baxter, Professor of Rhetoric and Prefect of Studies

Rev. Beatrix Sacchi and Mr. James Dougherty, Prefects of Morals.

Mr. Thomas Finegan, Mr. James Donlevy,

Mr. James Vandcvelde, Mr. Joseph Moberly.

Mr. James Callaghan,

"Literary and Benevolent Institutions," The Washington Directory showing the Name, Occupation, and Residence, of each Head of a Family and Person in Business, Washington, D. C., December, 1822, page 132-133.

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