General Orders No. 38, 1864, War Department

1. Any volunteer "who has been or maybe accepted into the service," and who serves faithfully his two years, (continuous service,) is entitled to the bounty provided by the act of July 22, 1861, no matter at what time, since the commencement of the rebellion, he entered the service of the United States; and this bounty will be paid upon the discharge of the soldier, as provided by the first paragraph of War Department General Orders, No. 137, of 1863.

2. When enlisted men are discharged within two years'service, under circumstances that entitle them to the bounty provided by the 6th section of the act of Congress approved July 22, 1861, and the 5th section of the act approved July 29, 1861, as amended by the act of March 3, 1863, the fact that the discbarge is "by reason of wounds received in battle" will be stated on the discharge certificates, and the bounty due and remaining unpaid will be credited on their final statements, and be paid, like other arrearages, by the Pay Department.

3. Furloughed soldiers, other than reenlisted volunteers, who are unable to pay the transportation from or to their Regmnents, may be furnished with such by the Quartermaster's Department, the amount to be charged on their furloughs, and deducted from their next pay. Quartermasters furnishing such transportation will immediately notify the respective company commanders, or, in cases of soldiers on detached service, the officers by whom they are mustered for pay.

4. When a drafted man is held to service, the amount of traveling pay due him, as allowed by section 16, act of March 3, 1863, from his place of residence to the place of rendezvous, will be entered on his descriptive list by the District Provost Marshal, to be placed on the muster roll of the company to which the man is assigned, and paid by the Pay Department.

Image of 1864 General Orders No. 38

Adjutant General's Office, Washington, February 1, 1864.

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