Farmville State Normal School, 1911, History

It was not until about thirty years ago that the public mind in Virginia came to connect the stableness of free institutions with the intelligence of the people, and to see that general education is the basis of general thrift. The first Legislature to assemble after the adoption of the post-bellum Constitution established (July 11, 1870) a system of public schools. For twelve years or more the conduct of these schools was entrusted to such teaching force as was found ready at hand. In this experimental period nothing was more fully demonstrated than that, if the returns were to be in any wise commensurate with the cost and the high mission of the system, some provision must be made for a reliable source of supply of teachers fitted by education and training for their work. To meet this demand the Legislature, in March, 1884, passed an act establishing the State Female Normal School. In October of the same year the work of the school was begun, buildings long in use for school purposes having been procured in the town of Farmville.

One hundred ten students were enrolled the first session. From the outset the school has steadily grown, making necessary, from time to time, the enlargement of its accommodations.

The school is supported by funds from The State Appropriation, and by Tuition Fees, paid by Virginia students in excess of the number who receive free tuition, and by students from other States.

During the twenty-six years of its existence the school has sent out over nine hundred graduates, nearly all of whom are, or have been, teachers of the public schools in the State. There have been over two thousand matriculates. Of these, a large number (besides those who have graduated) have carried to the different sections of the State some knowledge of the methods and aims of the school. There is hardly a county or city in the State where one of its graduates may not be found, and no section where its influence has not been felt.

1. "History of the School", State Female Normal School, Farmville, Virginia, Catalogue 1910-1911, page 13.
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