Famous Unitarians/Universalists

By Fred E. Lange, Jr. Seventh Edition, 38 pages, with index and "Proof" section.

From the Introduction: "I was raised as a Unitarian and continue to be impressed with the number of famous Unitarian/Universalists who have contributed so much to literature, science and other professional fields. Peopie may not be familiar with Unitarianism; however they have heard Ralph Waldo Emerson, Horatio Alger or Joseph Priestley, who were U/U ministers. There are over 100 famous U/U's briefly described in this booklet. You may use this booklet as an index to study additional facts concerning individuals. There are 55 stamps shown honoring famous Unitarians/Universalists."

Image of Cover

Stamps are available to mount in this Famous Unitarians/Universalists stamp album. Contact the author for stamps or booklets. Price is $3.95 per booklet - $3.45 for a set of 41 canceled U.S. stamps with hinges. (Does not include the Bret Harte stamp.)

Fred E. Lange, Jr., 2233 Old Farm Road, Scotch Plains, N.J. 07076

Surnames mentioned in this booklet: Adams, Alcott, Algber, Anthony, Atwood, Ballou, Bancroft, Barnum, Bartok, Barton, Bell, Bellows, Bentham, Bierce, Blackwell, Boult, Bowditch, Brown, Bryant, Bulfinch, Burbank, Burns, Calhoun, Channing, Cummings, Currier, David, Dickens, Dix, Eliot, Emerson, Everett, Farmer, Fillmore, Frankin, Furness, Gaskell, Greeley, Grieg, Hale, Hamlin, Harte, Hawthorne, Hazlitt, Higginson, Holmes, Hopkins, Howe, Jefferson, Jordan, Kemble, King, Kneeland, La Follette, Lamb, Lismer, Livermore, Longfellow, Lowell, Lyell, Mann, Marshall, Maybeck, Melville, Morse, Motley, Murray, Parker, Parkman, Pauling, Peabody, Potter, Prescott, Priestley, Quincy, Revere, Ripley, Rush, Saint-Gaudens, Schweitzer, Serling, Servetus, Skinner, Smith, Stephenson, Stevenson, Stone, Story, Stowe, Stuart, Sumner, Taft, Thayer, Tichnor, Van Loon, Watts, Wedgwood, Weir, White, Williams, Wright, Young.

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