Family Tree Connection Project

There is a real distinction between tracing your roots and compiling a family history -- and the latter can be much more rewarding. While we can never build a complete accounting of what our ancestors did on a daily basis, you can collect enough information to develop a detailed profile of what activities were important to them.

While there are many commercial services and even free sites that provide extensive databases of vital and public records -- census, immigration, marriage, etc., there are few resources that capture the day-to-day activities of your relatives.

The Family Tree Connection is a collection of data indexed from a variety of secondary sources such as high school and college yearbooks, city directories, local club member lists, church records and much, much more. We are excited to offer this unique and valuable resource to family researchers, and hope it will help you will make many "family tree connections" in the years ahead!

This project is all about capturing details about the lives of your ancestors -- from their early years in school, through college and then in their careers and spare time (i.e. hobbies and group activities). Surprisingly, many clubs and organizations kept close track of their members, even after they moved out of town or passed away. And some schools recorded the progress of their alumni (including marriages).

In April 2010, The Family Tree Connection database was merged into Genealogy Today Subscription Data and no longer offered as a separate subscription.

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