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A local Family History Center functions more or less as a satellite library for the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Family History Centers are located throughout the world. Almost any microfilm that is available through the Family History Library can, for a nominal fee, be ordered and sent to the Family History Center for viewing. Family History Centers are equipped with one or more microfilm readers, and many also have an Internet portal, providing access to a number of online genealogy resources. Family History Centers are free and open to the public. Family History Centers may also house books and other materials relative to the area in which they are located. Those who wish to visit a Family History Center can check the online Family History Library Card Catalog, at, to determine what microfilm is available for their area of interest. To find the nearest Family History Center, visit

Local Family History Centers allow researchers from around the world to access many of the Family History Library collections, without the expense of travel. The Centers are staffed by experienced volunteers who can assist, not only with ordering films, but can also provide direction in research. The Internet portal found at many Centers, also offer free access to a number of genealogy websites, including and a number of the more popular subscription-based websites, as well.

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