Education Society of the District of Columbia, 1822, Historical Sketch

This Society, for the education of pious young men for the ministry, in the Protestant Episcopal Church, was instituted in June, 1818. Since its organization, about one thousand dollars have been expended in the education of eight young gentlemen for the ministry.

Rev. Wm. H. Wilmer, D. D. of Alexandria, President.

Rev. Wm. Hawley, of Washington, V. Pres. & Sec'y.

Rev. C. Page, of Alexandria, Treasurer.


Rev. Oliver Norris, of Alexandria,

Rev. C. P. M'Ilvain, Georgetown,

Rev. E. C. M'Guire, Fredericksburg, Va.

Rev. William Meade, Frederick county, Va,

Rev. George Lowman, Hagerstown, Md.

Rev. Charles Mann, Charles county, Md.

Rev. F. S. Key, Esq. Georgetown,

Rev. David Murray, Esq. West River, Md.

Rev. Richard West, Esq. Woodyard,

Rev. Thomas Henderson, M. D. Georgetown,

Rev. Edmund I. Lee, Esq. Alexandria,

Rev. Phillip Nelson, Esq. Frederick county, Va.

"Literary and Benevolent Institutions," The Washington Directory showing the Name, Occupation, and Residence, of each Head of a Family and Person in Business, Washington, D. C., December, 1822, page 134.

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