Donner Party, 1919, Monument

The Donner Party was a group of pioneers who in May of 1846 unsuccessfully set off from Missouri in a wagon train headed west for California, and ended up being trapped by snow in the Sierra Nevada.

Donner Party, 1846-1847 (monument)

This tablet was placed by Historic Landmarks Committee, Native Sons of Golden West, 1919.

Donner Party, 1846-1847

The face of this rock formed the North end and the fireplace of the Murphy Cabin. General Stephen W. Learny, on June 22, 1847, buried, under the middle of the cabin the bodies found in the vicinity. Following is a complete list of the members of the Donner Party who occupied various cabins and tents.

Perished: George Donner, Tamsen Donner, Jacob Donner, Elizabeth Donner, Isaac Donner, Lewis Donner, Samuel Donner, Sarah Keyes, Luke Halloran, John Snyder, Mr. Wolfinger, Mr. Hardcoop, William M. Pike, Baylis Williams, Samuel Shoemaker, Joseph Rhinehart, James Smith, Charles T. Stanton, Patrick Dolan, Jay Fosdick, Charles Burger, Lavina Murphy, John L. Murphy, Lemuel B. Murphy, Catherine Pike, George Foster, James Eddy, Eleanor Eddy, Franklin W. Graves, Elizabeth Graves, F. W. Graves, Jr., John Denton, William Hook, Ada Keseberg, Lewis Keseberg, Jr., Augustus Spitzer, Harriet McCutcheon, Margaret Eddy, Antoine, Lewis, Salvador, and Milton Elliot.

Survived: Elitha C. Donner, Leanna Donner, Frances E. Donner, Georgia A. Donner, Eliza P. Donner, George Donner, Jr., Mary M. Donner, Solomon Hook, James F. Reed, Margaret W. Reed, Virginia E. Reed, James F. Reed, Jr., Martha F. (Patty) Reed, Thomas K. Reed, Mary M. Murphy, William G. Murphy, Simon P. Murphy, Walter Herron, John Baptiste, Amanda M. McCutcheon, William McCutcheon, William H. Eddy, Eliza Williams, Noah James, Patrick Breen, Margaret Breen, John Breen, Edward J. Breen, Patrick Breen, Jr., Simon P. Breen, James F. Breen, Peter Breen, Isabella M. Breen, Mary A. Graves, William C. Graves, Eleanor Graves, Lovina Graves, Nancy Graves, Jonathan B. Graves, Elizabeth Graves, Jr., Wm. M. Foster, Sarah A. C. Foster, Harriet F. Pike, Naomi L. Pike, Lewis Keseberg, Phillipine Keseberg, Sarah Fosdick and Mrs. Wolfinger.

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