Diamond Coal Company, 1930, Overview

The mine is located in Section 18, Township 15 North, Range 18 West. Two mines are being worked; the coal being delivered to the tipple by the same haulage system which is electric hoist with rope. The mines are opened by slope and are worked on the double entry room and pillar plan. Each mine is ventilated by a fan driven by electric motors. Four Sullivan and one Jeffrey arc-wall mining machines are used to cut the coal. Electric power is used from the company power plant located at the Coal Basin property.

In some parts of the mines two seams are worked. Haulage is by mules and rope. The mines worked 204 days during the year with a daily average of 129 miners and 33 day men in the mine and 30 men on top. The mines produced 117,905 tons of coal. The machines cut 57,112 tons. 4,312 tons were used in operating the mines and 113,593 tons sold in the markets of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Approximate value of coal sold $368,041. 19,860 pounds of monabel powder was used to break down the coal.

Additions to equipment during the year consists of one new arc wall Jeffrey mining machine at a cost of $9,233.

Open lights are used in the mine. Shots are lighted by a man employed as shot firer. All shooting is done after the miners have left the mine.

B. B. Hanger, General Manager, First National Bank Building, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Robert H. Wyper, General Superintendent, Allison, N. M.

1. "DIAMOND COAL COMPANY, DIAMOND MINE", Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Inspector of Coal Mines to the Governor of New Mexico, New Mexico, 1930, Page 34.

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